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Fellow - Sustainable Land/Seascapes Advisor & ADB Liaison


Job Code: 1016


Conservation International (CI) has been protecting nature for the benefit of all for over 30 years. Through science, policy, and partnerships, CI is helping build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.



Conservation International is thrilled to announce an opportunity for a fellow who will be based with the Asia Pacific Field Division (APFD) as Sustainable Land/Seascapes (SLS) Advisor and ADB Liaison. This position will be one of 9 fellows that will form the second cohort of Lui-Walton fellows program. Through this fellowship, innovative leaders have the chance to work with CI to tackle critical conservation challenges in priority areas around the world.​ In 2017, Conservation International held a global Landscape and Seascape Workshop in Fiji where an organizational commitment was made to advance our collective efforts on Sustainable Land/Seascapes (SLS) with the goal of: “Achieving enduring and measurable human well-being and ecosystem health improvements in a portfolio of at least 12 landscapes and seascapes of globally significant ecological values and high degree of human dependence on nature.” Supporting this organizational commitment will be the development of a Sustainable Land/Seascapes practitioners guide as well as the formation of a Community of Practice. This Fellowship has three key deliverables. The first is to provide the Asia Pacific Field Division with fundraising and technical support to drive implementation of the Sustainable Land/Seascape Commitment ensuring that this work is well aligned with the institutional effort. The second deliverable will be to drive strategic engagement between CI and the Asia Development Bank (ADB) to explore opportunities for collaboration. The third deliverable is to review project management approaches with the objective of streamlining approaches to implementation.



Deliverable 1: Interim technical support to CELB specific to Indonesia (15%):

CI’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) has identified ongoing support needed in the development of the Coalition for Sustainable Livelihoods (CSL). CSL is a major private sector engagement effort aimed at generating private sector partners and investment to support implementation of the “multi-commodities approach” and scaling up the SLP program to North Sumatra scale in SLP 2.0. It is aimed largely at companies in the agricultural commodities sectors. Specific needs include:

Advise in the design of farmer engagement tools and a database to facilitate smallholder engagement, training and monitoring.

Development of training materials for farmers.

Outreach and engagement with agricultural experts to support points above.

Corporate supply chain and value chain assessment.

Helping make linkages or “translation” of Indonesian policy to objectives expresses in private sector sustainability policies (i.e., helping us speak the language government will respond to better than a market-based mandate).

Assistance in design and writing proposals.


Deliverable 2: Fundraising support and technical input for land/seascape-based projects/ programs in Asia-Pacific Field Division (APFD) (e.g. ADB, USAID, GEF AND GCF)(50%):

Priorities and 12-month workplan will be developed upon commencement of the Fellowship together with supervisors and relevant APFD Country Directors.

On an ongoing basis, provide technical support for APFD proposal development to pursue large-scale funding opportunities (e.g. GCF, GEF, USAID, ADB etc.).

Following consultation, the fellow will consider what additional technical input might be appropriate to support specific thematic work elements for example: landscape-based approaches, spatial planning, sustainable agriculture/production (major commodities, fisheries as well as non-timber forest products (NTFPs)), value chain and supply chain assessment, CI tools (e.g. Sustainable Landscape Rating Tool (SLRT), Landscape Assessment Framework (LAF), etc.) to support the SLS initiative across APFD.

Together with supervisor and APFD Country Directors identify strategic opportunities for field visits to support proposal development as well as providing technical SLS support (aligning with institutional efforts).

Ensure that APFD Land/Seascape initiatives are aligned with the CI SLS organizational initiative and are linked as and when appropriate to other institutional priorities such as the Climate Strategy and the Sustainable Production Strategy.

Provide feedback and technical input to the SLS Practitioners Guide actively contribute to the SLS Community of Practice as well as other strategic support as appropriate.


Deliverable 3: CI-APFD Liaison to ADB (25%):

Provide support to CI Mission that is planning to visit the Asia Development Bank (ADB) Manila Office (date TBC).

Conduct a broader review of ADB portfolio and identify strategic opportunities and synergies between CI and ADB.

Provide follow-up after mission to support greater awareness within ADB of CI corporate capacity across APFD and specific to other thematic divisions (EFD, CELB, Moore Center for Science (MCS), Center of Oceans (C4O), SLS initiative etc.).

Explore strategic opportunities beyond current ADB remit that are well aligned with CI, SLS initiative and APFD priorities - consider how to align with CI divisions beyond APFD e.g. MCS, EFD and CELB.

Assess what experience ADB has in working with CSOs like CI? What are the administrative and practical issues that would need to be addressed and considered? Provide recommendations.

Develop a better understanding of how CI and ADB collaboration would practically work in instances and make recommendations to CI as to how to best pursue various opportunities.

Identify how to help APFD support successful proposal development so as to allow for a quick transition from winning funding to successfully mobilizing and beginning to implement projects and also figure out how to deal with any likely project delays that might be likely to occur due to ADB administration.


Deliverable 4: APFD Review of current Project Management Tools (10%):

Opportunity to support review of current Project Management tools to support APFD (and CI more broadly) specific to large land/seascape initiatives (note— an intern has been identified for this project).

Complete a review of current CI toolbox specific to project management approaches. Better understand how well equipped APFD/CI is to absorb and implement large projects (e.g. GCF, GEF, USAID, ADB). To support this initiative an intern was identified and who is interested in taking this work on as a discreet project – beginning notionally some time around March 1, 2018.

Provide support to intern to compile and complete an initial review of CIs project management tools – develop a checklist by donor to include templates and identify gaps with key donors.

Work with the intern to collect and review a suite of tools, templates and key documents that will be specific to key funding opportunities (ADB, USAID, GEF).

Specific to the GCF this could represent an opportunity for CI to develop 'best in class' documents that might be mainstreamed by the GCF (given it is a new entity); and

Time permitting, work with the intern to identify and submit recommendations and identify resources to address key gaps in project management approach and tool box.



Duty station will initially be located in Manila, Philippines.

The Fellow will report directly to the APFD Vice President of Strategies and Fundraising with a coordination reporting line to the Vice President of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape/Sustainable Land/Seascape Coordinator. No direct supervisory responsibility for staff.




At least Bachelor’s degree in natural resource management or related field and minimum 15 years of experience in land/seascapes, natural resource management, forestry, energy, and/or relevant sectors, or equivalent degree and work experience.

At least 3 years experience as Team Leader/Chief of Party (or equivalent) on major donor agencies or equivalent experience.

Proven leadership in the administration of similar complex land/seascape programs with skills in strategic planning, management, supervision and budgeting that will assist with fundraising and proposal development.

Evidence of excellent skills in intercultural communications and proven experience in facilitating dialogue among conservation groups, financial sector and government and demonstrated ability to establish strong working relationships with senior representatives of national and local government, the private sector and civil society.

Professional work experience in the Asia-Pacific.



Advanced degree in environmental, geography or other relevant fields specific to natural resource management.

Knowledge of conservation issues in the Asia Pacific, especially as it relates to land use change due to agricultural pressure.

Knowledge of sustainable production, carbon markets, REDD, green development issues and climate change.

Ideal candidate would have experience managing large land/seascape projects/programs in Asia-Pacific in the natural resource sector (green supply chains, natural resource management and land/seascape approach, etc.).



Posted March 8, 2018

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