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Ecology and Environmental Sciences Degree Program

Orono ME

Interdisciplinary Approach

The University of Maine has established itself as a center of excellence for interdisciplinary graduate-level training in ecology and environmental sciences. Our program combines an experienced and enthusiastic faculty, modern research facilities, cutting edge research, and excellent opportunities for fieldwork. Please consider joining our interdisciplinary team of faculty and students committed to solving complex environmental issues.


In-depth Training

Our students represent the next generation of scholars and leaders in ecology, environmental science, environmental policy, and natural resource management. As such, we provide our students with support in developing their scientific knowledge and ability to contribute to environmental policies necessary to promote the sustainability of our natural environment, human communities, and resource-based economies.


M.S. Degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences

The thesis-based masters program in EES is designed to provide students with the background necessary to conduct or to evaluate research. Students who might want to continue for a Ph.D. should pursue the thesis option. Graduate research and teaching assistantships may be available to students accepted for the thesis option.

For the M.S. degree (thesis option) in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, the student must complete at least 30 credits. The program of study must include a minimum of 6 credits thesis research, and a minimum of 18 course credits (12 credits 500 level or above), as determined by the student and her/his graduate advisory committee. The Graduate Coordinator will review the coursework for its rigor, interdisciplinarity, and ecology and environmental sciences focus.


Ph.D. Degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences

For the Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, the student must complete a minimum of 30 credits, a minimum of 18 course credits (12 credits 500 level or above), and a minimum of 6 credits thesis research. Most EES PhD students take many more credits than this. A program of study, including a list of courses to be taken, should be completed in consultation with your advisor and signed off by your entire graduate advisory committee. The student is expected to form a graduate advisory committee and to submit this fully signed program of study to the Ecology and Environmental Sciences Graduate Coordinator by the end of the second semester of study. The student’s graduate advisory committee will be composed of a minimum of five faculty from at least two different home departments.

Posted November 14, 2017

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